lawn darts

highly entertaining, yet subsequently illegal, outdoor game involving heavy, sharp metal objects being thrown great distances at hoops placed on ground.
in a bittersweet victory, i lost half my family in a game of lawn darts.
an out-doors game that incorporates the skill of horse-shoes with the thrill of terminal head injury.
“i was about to learn that you should never be on the receiving end in a game of ‘catch the lawn darts’….”
very popular outdoor game, but dangerous. also known as jarts. you hold it by the fin, and toss in into the hoops to score points. in dec. 19, 1988, they are banned, because of the deaths of 3 children and over 5000 serious injuries.
cpsc urges you to destroy or trash the lawn darts, and use the rings from the larn dart game for the replacement pieces for the ring toss game, or something similar.
to fly a remote control plane into the ground nose-first.
man, i just turned my new f-27 into a lawn dart!
term used by high powered rocket enthusiast to refer to the state of the rocket when the parachute fails to deploy.
it is not a good position for your rocket and usually causes considerate amount of damage. very cool to watch as long as it’s not your rocket and you haven’t spent alot of cash and months building it.
phhhhhhsssst…rocket takes off….beautiful flight
it starts to curve down
amateur rocketeer: #-%@ my “chute” didn’t fire! all my rockets turn into lawn darts!
hits the earth cone first at a high rate of speed
spectator: man! that was cool!!!!!
1. a game created for sole use at parties in which you hate everyone there and would like a good excuse to throw darts at them.
1. “where are you going?”
“off to gary’s house, gonna play some lawn darts and hope he gets h-t.
it’s where a girl is doogystyle on a bed and you climb up the bedpost and do a backflip and try to stick your c-ck in her -sshole.
the term “lawn dart” speaks for itself.

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