lawrence welk

the act of taking a p-ss and a sh-t (from his signature count-off “a-one and a-two”)
the first thing i did after waking up this morning was take a lawrence welk.

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  • hurricane matthew

    a savage hurricane that killed 800 n-gg-s in haiti and 4 n-gg-s in florida. and used cholera to kill more. hurricane matthew: “gone f-ck yo’ sh-t up, florida.” florida: “foe n-gg-s in the ground, n-gg-.” a punk -ss hurricane that won’t hit nc. such a hurricane matthew, it won’t even hit us.

  • blocked up

    british slang for being high on drugs. “that was the weirdest gig ever. the band were obviously all blocked up.”

  • baby bull

    baby bull, or commonly known as -ss cancer is a severe disability that seems to occur when around ellis bull “ahh f-ck i’ve got baby bull, f-ck sake ellis”

  • ectoplasm job

    s-xual intercourse with an ent-ty or spirit. luke f-cked his dog and afterwards he got an ectoplasm job from his dead cat.

  • no hardys

    short for no hard feelings i broke your vase no hardys yeah

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