Lay off the grass

stop smoking weed. or talk to me when your not high
“what’d u say?” x5
“‘lay off the gr-ss bro it’s driving me insane”

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  • Layoff Squatter

    someone who camps out in, or moves into an office (see layoffice) recently vacated by layoffs. who’s that guy in joe’s office? ah, he’s just a layoff squatter.

  • peckerbot

    a p-ck-rbot is a robot that is made for the one greatest job, pleaseing man “dude my p-ck-rbot 3000 just gave me a f-cking -ss waffle, it was great!!!”

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    1.having respectable qualities or skills-proving value or merit in a specific area or discipline, 2.handling extreme situations without hesitation, whose skills surp-ss that of average. you are so mobworthy™ the way you just backflipped that road gap. drifting at 80 mph is mobworthy™. base jumping, surfing, racing cars, off road driving, bmx, downhill mountain […]

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    p-ck-r holster is a derogatory term for the mouth or one who performs frequent bl-w j-bs. it is not a polite thing to say in almost any group, regardless of the s-xual proclivities of the group. did i hear something come out of that p-ck-r holster you call a mouth?

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    one who can puff on a p-ck-r mindy is not a p-ck-r puffer.

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