Lazy Sunday

also known as the chronicles of narnia rap. it was originally shown on snl performed by chris parnell and andy samberg. it has grown and become one of the funniest videos of all-time, the rest is internet lore.
lazy sunday wake up in the late afternoon
call parnell just to see how he’s doing

what up parns?
yo samberg what’s crackin’?
you thinking what i’m thinking? (narnia!) then it’s happening.

but first my hunger pangs are sticking like duct tape.
just hit up magnolia and mack on some cupcakes.
no doubt that bakery’s got all the bomb frostings.
i love those cupcakes like mcadams loves gosling.

two, no six, no twelve, baker’s dozen!
i told you that i’m crazy for these cupcakes cousin.

where’s the movie playing?
upper west side, dude.
well, let’s h-t up yahoo! maps to find the dopest route.
i prefer mapquest. (that’s a good one, too.)
google maps is the best. true that. (double true!)

68th and broadway (step on it sucker!)
what you what to do chris?
snack attack motherf-cker!

the chronic (what?) cles of narnia.
yes, the chronic (what?) cles of narnia.
we love the chronic (what?) cles of narnia.
p-ss that chronic (what?) cles of narnia.

yo stop at that deli, the theater’s overpriced.
you got the backpack? (gonna pack it up nice.)
don’t want security to get suspicious.
mr. pibb + red vines = crazy delicious.
yo reach in my pocket, pull out some dough.
the girl acted like she’d never seen a ten before.
it’s all about the hamiltons baby.
throw the snacks in the bag and i’m ghost like swayze.

roll up to the theater. ticket buying what we’re handlin’.
you can call us aaron burr from the way we’re dropping hamiltons.
parked in our seats, movie trivia’s the illest.
what friends alum starred in films with bruce willis?
we answered so fast it was scary.
everyone stared in awe when we screamed matthew perry.

now quiet in the theater or it’s going to get tragic.
we’re about to get taken to a dream world of magic.

the chronic (what?) cles of narnia.
yes, the chronic (what?) cles of narnia.
we love the chronic (what?) cles of narnia.
p-ss that chronic (what?) cles of narnia.
a sunday spent with a friend or two just hanging out and smoking weed. a great way to wind down after a weekend that originated in fairfield, ohio.
“joe and i had a very relaxing lazy sunday last week.

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