adj. proud to be resistant to work.
1. “stop being lazyfat and go take out the garbage,” mom always said.

2. be all the lazyfat you can be by having the pizza delivered to you.

3. if you’re lazyfat and you know it, don’t raise your hand.
laziness whereby you bring three beers from the fridge to the couch, so you don’t have to get up again for awhile. and you hold your bladder till it just hurts and it’s a commercial, but maximize your time up by having a cigarette, too.
keith: alicia will you get me a beer?
alicia: h-ll no, b–tch, i’m lazyfat plus i’ve still got two here and you can’t have one. now p-ss me the bowl, punk.
keith: yes ma’am.
alicia: and the cookies.

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