a line of cocaine. also known as rips, dings and b-mps. plural; leaks
nelson woke up from a hangover and did a line of leaky’s
“leaky”, or “being leaky”; a “leak” – a derogatory term used in motorcycle flat-track racing, usually in professional racing, to describe a rider with illogical, unpredictable or unorthodox racing tactics.

a rider who often strays from the normal racing lines into and out of corners, for no apparent reason. an untalented and often dangerous rider.
“be careful riding near #45. he’s leaky; you never know where he’s going next.”
the condition of crying a little. dribbling a few tears rather than bawling your guts out.
i watched some silly chick flick with my ex and ended up getting all leaky.
a girl, usuallly a sl-t.
but she’s really awesome.
a complete party animal that’s down for anythinggg! duh.
she’s the best, and never fails to make you laugh.
that girl, right there, is so leaky.

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