a person who resides or was born in the town of leamington spa (warwickshire, uk).

leamings are best known and identified by their lack of individuality. there are two separate species of leaming; the chavs and the middle cl-ss. the chavs are known to be very aggressive, while the middle cl-ss are timid and rarely leave m&s and house of fraser.

it is widely known that if one leaming does something incredibly stupid such as stuffing their trousers into their socks, getting a side fringe or jumping off something high, the rest are likely to blindly follow. this has so far kept the population of both species at manageable levels, although culling may one-day be necessary.

leamington spa has infected the warwickshire countryside since 1830, when queen victoria stopped to throw up, then do a m-ssive sh-t where the town now lies. it is widely acknowledged that the vomit then evolved into the chavs, and the sh-t the middle cl-ss.
oh look, there is a leaming!

the leamings are jumping off the bridge.

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