leasel is complicated woman. she is outgoing and a natural people-person, but also lives for her alone time. leasel loves music, dancing and singing, although you’re lucky to catch her singing out loud…she is uncharacteristically shy in that way. leasel has a huge heart and would do just about anything to help another. she loves her friends and family fiercely and will go to bat for them without hesitation.

leasel is easily angered and will not sit quietly when she feels offended or mistreated. do not mistake her kindness for weakness. this quick temper cools just as fast; she is also easily forgiving.

leasel is a p-ssionate, driven woman with big dreams and when she sets her mind and heart on something, you can bet she’ll do whatever it takes to acheive it. it would be wise to hold on to a leasel if you find one. like her rare name, she is one of a kind.
h-llo, my name is leasel.

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