1. to exit in a hurried fashion.

2. rhymes with “2, 4, 6, 8…”
as in:
“2, 4, 6, 8, everybody leavicate.”

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  • lebert

    a family full of f-ck-ng crazy people. some have broken away from the craziness but it will only last as long as they’re kept apart from other leberts. those leberts are f-ck-ng nuts!

  • leechologist

    someone who studies leeches. someone who knows all about leeches. see also: leachologist so, you’re a leechologist now?

  • leg hump

    what a h-rny dog does when it meets you for the first time.it grabs the upper part of your leg then dry humps it. aunt betty get this leg humping hound off me and put him outside.

  • chetta teeth

    when a persons teeth have been neglected proper care that a yellow build up has developed on to the teeth. guy 1:”did you see her teeth?” guy 2:”nah, what’s wrong wit em?” guy 1:”she gots chetta teeth.” guy 2:”ahahaha, that nasty!”

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