the type of person that is one of a kind. always there when you need her, and always lets you know it. stronger than she thinks, but knows she’s tough and can defiantly hold her own. is a loving mother and best friend. the type of person you literally can’t live without.
hey guys aren’t you jealous brittany has leeanne as her mom?

yeah i wish i had a leeanne!
a smart, loving, exotic, crazy beautiful girl. she’d be there for anyone who needed it and knows how to get along with other people. she’s meant for long term relationships but other men find her attractive as well. usually with a light complexion. leeanne’s know how to have a really good time, but only in her type of way. she’s very patient but can be ticked off at a certain point. she’s a beautiful s-xy girl who ages but doesn’t lose any beauty at all. she’s one of a kind and unique, if you get to know her you will automatically become attached to her.

an amazing, s-xy, most perfect girlfriend. any guy would be super lucky to be her boyfriend. looks for a guy that is funny, really cute, and has a charming vibe. she is not easily played at all. she loves to have a great time, and can make a great time anywhere she goes. she is a very energetic person, loving friend/girlfriend. she is crazy fun to be with and around. she loves to make new friends. she is a stunning brunette but can act like a blonde.
guy 1 “leeanne is so awesome and hot!”
guy 2 “she is also a great girlfriend”
guy 1 “leeanne is so easy to be friends with too!”
guy 2 “yeah lets go talk to her!”
guy 1 “lets do it!”
a large fire breathing beast native to the swamps of albania.
phwoarrr, did you smell that?
– yeah, i think it was a leeanne!

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