f-ckin’ lit; radical dude; that was sick
“dude, that kickflip was leefnard!”

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  • the sam effect

    when sam feeds for first 30 minutes of a dota game, only to come back by last hitting all the enemies he can. tom: “omg sam is feeding again on sniper” darren: “don’t worry he’ll come back from our god tier 9k plays later on and carry us” tom: “thank f-ck, i’m too r-t-rded to […]

  • snickerpussdrummer

    a boy who is named after someone from the bible and eats apple sauce and wears striped shirts he is a very much so snickerpussdrummer

  • majetic

    when music is so good that you spell majestic wrong. “that was majetic” “an airplane is flying over the pacific and spots a ship the boats name was majetic.”

  • hartnett hangover

    how one feels when one is repeatedly powed unrealistically over an hour and a half, where one’s partner then asks “did you have fun??” i can’t believe that how sore i am after he gave me the hartnett hangover last night.

  • tipanga

    a sn-bby little brat who wont stop until she gets her way. she hates people who are dating her crushes even though she is a sl-t and has many. ewwww….. watch out for tipanga.

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