Left Hand Gulliver

1. the act of fisting a midget with the left hand.
2. the name of a pro-environmental boy band from the early 90s most famous for their one-hit wonder “you can break my heart, but not the rainforest”.
3. the working t-tle of “the life and opinions of tristram shandy, gentleman” by laurence stern.
4. a loose translation of martin heidegger’s “in-der-welt-sein”.
1. tracy asked for a left hand gulliver last night. she’s been walking funny the whole morning.
2. “left hand gulliver” seriously sucked. the name didn’t have anything to do with environmentalism.
3. good thing stern scr-pped that last t-tle. i still can’t believe that he didn’t know his book was referring to midget fisting.
4. the traditional western dichotomy of object/subject has been exerted in the heideggerian notion of “left hand gulliver”.

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