someone who is well known. strong, p-ssionate, independent, self taught
john was legaud when it came to building.

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  • strapping a fat lick

    a guitarist playing in a live band who is really getting into his playing man this is an awesome band! the guitarist rocks yeah man, he’s strapping a fat lick!

  • the texas tuck

    when you get a b-n-r and hide it by tucking it into your waste band. yo man i got a hard on in cl-ss and had to do the texas tuck

  • car banger

    a song that everyone gets lit to on a car ride. a song that just bangs in the car either because of lots of b-ss and dope lyrics “yo, play that new post malone track” “oh yeah bro that’s a real car banger”

  • stealing duke

    steal cocaine and snort that sh-t tyson has been stealing duke

  • pebblepuff

    the act of c-mming deep inside of someones -sshole. “dude, that guys -ss was so tight he tightened around me making me pebblepuff instantly.

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