1. a legit idiot. someone who is a legitimately an idiot.

2. a person who is too stupid to realize just how stupid they are.
i was going to explain to her that deer crossing signs are to notify drivers of a high-deer population and not telling deer where to cross, but she’s just a legidiot.

(inspired by a woody and rizzuto radio segment t-tled b-tches be trippin)
a mix of the word legit and idiot. usually said with a smile to emphasize it’s sarcastic rudeness.
guy #1 “i can’t believe i just dropped your phone in the pool. i’m so sorry!”

guy #2 “don’t worry about it….-cough-legidiot-cough-”

1. a person who is a legitimate idiot.
2. an idiot who uses ‘legit’ way too often.

(a combination of ‘legit’ and ‘idiot’, pr-nounced.. legit..iot.)
“man, look at her! she’s a legidiot!”
“that’s the 423809th time you’ve used ‘legit’ today, you are officialy a legidiot.”
(n.) – a legit idiot. a big idiot. one dumb enough to be called this word.
teacher: bobby, how many states are there in the united states?

bobby: umm… 15?

fred (another student): wow, he’s a legidiot.

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