a s-ssy growm lil gurl dat know who she is and keep it gansta at all times.
that gurl it a lil bit to lekel.

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  • le me derpin

    a phrase that describes a particularly r-t-rded face: a r-t-rded smile, and the eyes pointing in different directions. -le me derpin mom: what are you doing? me: i’m derpin. see my derp face?

  • li ma bang bang mang!

    1. oh, come on! 2. help me already! mix of taiwanese and mandarin, taiwan aboriginal saying now popular with youth

  • livenire

    synonym for adorable or cute. that kitten is livenire.

  • Longbod

    some one who is ‘long’ e.g. they take a long time in doing things, hold you up, and force you to make efforts you would rather not. john – go down the shops to get me some f-gs. tim – longbod!!!! tim – i’ll be another 30mins matey. john – longbod!!!!

  • los illuminados

    spanish meaning: the enlightened los illuminados debuts in the hit game resident evil 4 as a evil cult h-ll bent on making the world they invisioned it to be. los illuminados are the bad-sses you are gonna pretty much fight the entire game in resident evil 4

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