someone that resides from the fine county of lemay missouri
city cat: you’re a f-cking hoosier
other: no i’m a f-cking lemolian

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  • alekson

    a balding, middle aged male with a protruding belly. he often engages in outdoorsy type activities like fishing and hunting. one way to determine if the person is an actual alekson is to check his chest for dog t-ts. that alekson over there with the dog t-ts just caught a large fish.

  • baxxon

    it reminds me of something called “bacon” but it’s 10000% better because it’s spelt with ex’s man, i could really go form some baxxon and eggs.

  • otavius

    a n-gg- who thinks he’s big game and all that thinks he’s good at sports but actually sucks at sports thinks he’s a ladies man but no girls like him he usually turns out to be g-y that n-gg- is one dumb otavius

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    a person who engages in fun activities with the soul purpose to bring down the enjoyment of others. man the dorks are being unfunducters an ruined the party.

  • mushtaque

    budgies which pet shop did ya get ya mushtaque from mate?

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