the only normal school in the whole district. we kick -ss. our juniors build character walking a mile to school. our roaches can beat the cr-p out of your roaches. you all wish you had mary jane in the office. shes freakin awesome. we may be decrepid and old, but weve got pride. so you shawnee sn-bs can go play by yourself. you seneca people can go farm. you cherokee people can…..go away. why do you think the districts named after us? you probably dont even have a crew team.
roach: “hey man, this is our cl-ssroom”
student: “what?”
roach: “thats right get out or i cut you. i cut you so bad….you wish….you wish i no cut you so bad”

b-ss-ss roaches at lenape
short for lenni lenape or leni lenape also referred to as the delaware indians for the river valley they lived around. leni lenape means real men or true people in the alqonquin language. the indigenous people who inhabited the region of present day areas known as southeastern pennsylvania, north to new york including new york city and all of new jersey including part of northern delaware. large groups of lenape descendents are located in parts of canada, and oklahoma, namely anadarko and bartlesville. they have three clans: turtle, turkey and wolf.
that lenape makes nice beadwork and turtle sh-ll rattles.
have you been to the new lenape casino in ‘darko? it’s bangin’!
high school in which teachers get arrested for smoking weed with students, and where the clocks and bells do not function at all. also location of “lenape standard time” which is always 10:05.

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