any one who’s name ends with this or is this is the most bomb person ever. they’re full of life and energy.
“d-mn that girl so funny she must be a lencia!”

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  • cologner

    n. one who because of his m-ssive overuse of cologne is alienated by peers, friends, family, etc. too bad jeff’s such a cologner, he’s kinda cute.

  • ashae

    unique and beautiful loving person who has a big heart .don’t get on her bad side cause she is a little demon. ashae a lovely person.

  • harley marie woody

    a fierce and fiery young woman with a huge heart. she’s a very manipulative spirit with vengeful anger. she has faded blue eyes that turn gray when she’s upset. hard working, loyal, and a tad mysterious. she’ll know everything about you before you know her last name. “she’s something else man.” “aye don’t f-ck over […]

  • young yeti

    a term of endearment used esp. for someone really funny “aw haha lol young yeti i’ve missed ya!”

  • shaindel

    shaindel is a terrific person that doesnt take things very seriously. shes a weirdo and a physco combined with beauty and sweetness. did yoy just hang out with shaindel? yes -twitches-

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