a combination of legendary and epic.

an experience that is:
– beyond ordinary
– worthy of a story for years to come
– a moment in time, that cannot be defined by any other word, or combination of words.

pr-nounced: le – pic
nate and david had a lepic week.

monday: they attended a friend’s birthday at firehaus. they ordered 4 fish bowl’s and 2 fire hydrants.

tuesday: they went out to joe’s for 90’s night, and ended up in firehaus again with two shark bowls. the night ended with some great food at zyggyz.

wedneday: they went out for david’s 1/2 birthday to co’s, kam’s and joes.

thursday: david went on a mini barcrawl. he attended two pre-games and went to legnends, brothers and murphy’s. nate enjoyed the night with 4 beers at murphy’s.

friday: they downtown for a brazilian carneval party. the night included an excellent woodchuck with patty at blind pig, and ended at an excellent dinner, marry ann’s.

sat-rday: they attended an indian dancing party at the union. both of their feet were sore, and blistered by the end – but the tradition was well worth it.

sunday: rest and relaxation.

that was a lepic week.
when you feel so much love for your best friend its epic.
“you’re my best friend.. my love for you is epic”
“omg… its lepic”
“yes. i lepic you.”

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