alan jay, 1918–86, u.s. lyricist and librettist.
contemporary examples

larry n-ble, who served as general counsel at the fec from 1987 to 2000, was involved in hiring and promoting lerner.
irs scandal’s central figure, lois lerner, described as ‘apolitical’ caitlin d-ckson may 13, 2013

but do you think the same amount of media resources would have been dedicated to combing through lerner’s emails as palins?
the irs email double standard matt lewis november 24, 2014

“sometimes stuff just happens,” lerner emailed the irs techs in 2011 as they tried to salvage her hard drive.
paging rose mary woods: obama’s unbelievable missing irs emails james poulos june 17, 2014

lerner was not about to give up his democratic hopes, for as he observed: “what we did once we can resume.”
embodying franklin roosevelt’s four freedoms remains a vital challenge harvey j. kaye april 5, 2014

republicans have been in a frenzy since realizing that the irs was missing two years of lerner emails.
house republicans take on john koskinen: scenes from an irs sideshow tim mak june 23, 2014

historical examples

she was still working in lerner’s in the spring and summer of 1953 or had she changed jobs?
warren commission (11 of 26): hearings vol. xi (of 15) the president’s commission on the -ss-ssination of president kennedy

lerner’s were drawn from the life in a little town in bessarabia, the others are mostly polish.
yiddish tales various

lerner was satisfied with reproducing some of the best german plays in a jewish garb.
the history of yiddish literature in the nineteenth century leo wiener

the plays performed there are mainly the productions of goldfaden, lerner, and a few other writers of the older period.
the history of yiddish literature in the nineteenth century leo wiener

do you recall her working at a hosiery shop during this period of time rather than lerner’s?
warren commission (11 of 26): hearings vol. xi (of 15) the president’s commission on the -ss-ssination of president kennedy

alan jay. 1914–86, us songwriter and librettist. with frederick loewe he wrote my fair lady (1956) and camelot (1960) as well as a number of film scripts, including gigi (1958)

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