(lez-bow-trawn); noun;

a lesbian machine- a cyborg, if you will. these oddities are commonly found in the following habitats:

1- ice hockey arenas
2- same-s-x marriage rallies
3- camping
4- whole foods store;

in addition to exhibiting all characteristics of stereotypical lesbians, the h-m-normative mutant power of the lesbotron enables her to execute any activity with spectacular accuracy and prowess.
“heavens to betsy! that lesbotron single-handedly scored a hat trick and signed all of those adoption papers in the last three minutes of the game! no lesbian i know can move like that!”
a complete and total lesbian. normally has eyes for a straight girl
“we didn’t order these uniforms”
“well no sh-t lesbotron. my borther did”
the stereotype of a lesbian, ie; short hair, flannel shirt, frumpy, drives a subaru outback, hates men and yet wants to be a man, and is generally unattractive to either s-x. this definition excludes the lipstick variety, as well as cool bi chicks.
look honey, those lesbotrons are remodeling their house again.
1. a steryotypical lesbian
2. a loud mouth feminist c-rp-t m-nch-r
3. that b-tch in your political science cl-ss
ellen degeneres is a lesbotron.

rosie o’donald is one fat -ss lesbotron.

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