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  • crabchord

    stray public hairs often seen in a urinal boss to employee at a bar: “right, charlie, this is third night you late this week – so you’re cleaning out the f-cking crabchord out the f-cking urinals for the rest of the month!”

  • chip drinking

    when you crush the remaining of your chips to make crumbs and pour it into your mouth. oh, matt totally was just chip drinking.

  • sober sneak

    “quietly moving around places you aren’t supposed to be with someone you aren’t supposed to be with while in a state in which u are not under the influence of any intoxicating substance” i quit drinking but still want to have fun, let’s sober sneak later while your husband is at work.

  • b**bwitch

    a b–b job with mayo used as lube jeff and carey got drunk last night and he got a b–bwitch in the fridge

  • trumpsylvania

    trumpsylvania is a present day country, where president trump is an idol, similar to transylvania, a historical country in europe. tomorrow i will go to trumpsylvania for a while.

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