ugly -ss stick kid who hates thickgirls. ugly asfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
leyamil is ugly

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  • blee jig

    i don’t even f-cking know, some d-ckhead messaged me saying on snapchat. f-cking -sshole blee jig. mate what the f-ck are you on about

  • john wilkes boof

    when the teacher asks who shot lincoln, and you shout out john wilkes boof…. and she says good answer ok cl-ss who shot lincoln ? john wilkes boof….

  • throw it in there

    colloquial term for coitus used in polite company; the act of a male repeatedly thrusting his p-n-s into a woman’s v-g-n-, usually for recreation but sometimes as a medium of exchange in a barter transaction. my sister has a guy that does her yardwork; she lets him throw it in there once a week.

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    a troll contained getting insulted or embarr-ssed in front of a group, this is known as getting dedossed or “roasted” “haha zack, you just got dedossed by max!”

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    a group consisting of no less than three hetro-men who choose to roll around naked with each other until they all achieve -rg-sm. additionally, these men will consistently proclaim their love for one another. “do you see those guys over there? they’re tumbleweeders, loving each other and the media format laserdisc.”

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