the sort of g-y people that hate straight people or transgender that hate cisgendered. usually found on tumblr but now unfortunately moving to instagram, twitter and youtube as well. they have daily updated pages full of g-y memes and straight people hatred.
guy7: why do i keep getting lgbt pages in my discover feed

girl4: its those d-mn lgbterrorists they’ve taken over tumblr and now they’re haking over instagram

guy7: so they just post g-y memes and reasons why straight people are bad?

girl4: for some reason yeah

guy2: what a waste of time you’ll never see straight people doing that… mainly because if you made a tribute page to heteros-xual pride the lgbt community would leak you address to killer clowns
the sort of lgbt people that: a) usually have tumblr. b) post about their s-xuality online. c) go on raids, riots and marches in countries that they already have equal rights. d) tries to offend people that aren’t part of their community.

you usually suspect right from the start that they just say they’re lgbt for the attention.
special snowflake lgbt: hi instagram, i just screenshot (steal) posts from tumblr about lgbt people complaining as usual, we’re setting up a page where we can start riots for fun. as always f-ck cis, white, and male sc-m.

@s-xykid48: you have equal rights, why are you so obsessed with your s-xuality and hatred for straight people that you have to make tribute pages that are updated daily with virtually the same thing? you are the definition of an lgbterrorist, you don’t see other minority groups, e.g jews, people of colour making tribute pages because how much can change from a day/be stolen from tumblr in a day?

@adidas.skrr: i agree with @s-xykid48 and why do you always start posting about our rights (i’m a black ginger jew) like its called lgbt focus on your own problems we can speak for ourselves. lgbterrorist…

cis-hating lgbt memelord admin: (thinking) ‘those are both so accurate why do we have pages that are updated every day with almost the same information everyday? why do we try to recruit other minority groups with this propaganda when we run out of tumblr screenshots? and we do have equal rights in the countries that we riot in and admin these fan pages from? oh well, just one of nature’s mysteries, it’s true, but i don’t agree. blocked!’

@lgbterrorism: you f-cking bigots! h-m-phobic, oppressive, ignorant, bigots @s-xykid44 @adidas.skrr

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