lesbian, g-y, bis-xual, transgender, queer, inters-x, as-xual, polygamous/polyamorous, kink
lgbtqiapk is the longer version of the abbreviation lgbtq+

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  • pop my p*ssy

    to p-ssy ones p-ssy you must do a handstand while fingering your p-ssy. her: i pop my p-ssy to this new bop him: cool. so you did a handstand while fingering yourself?

  • b*mp remark

    a bit of useless speech that serves no real purpose except to gain attention. billy kept interrupting with a b-mp remark, saying “yeah, that’s cool!”

  • faillary

    the election was hillary’s to lose. she failed. faillary was beaten by trump. that’s like being beaten in a sack race by a quadraplegic.

  • digit al art

    using the shapes of the ten numerals (0, 1, 2, …, 9) to sketch a figure that looks like a living or nonliving thing. boris used digit-al art to sketch the figure of a naked woman—his drawing got him an f for math, but an a- for art.

  • gud fud

    refers to a food that is really good i’m off to get some gud fud

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