lgbtxyz is now & forever what you call the ever-changing, ever-expanding kaleidoscope of letters being added to the lgbt-prefix.
have pedophiles, necrophiles, furries, fuzzies, other kin, and i-identify-as-insane, been added to lgbtxyz yet?

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  • clone troopers

    clone troopers were highly-trained soldiers in the grand army of the republic, the armed forces of the galactic republic. bred from the genetic template of the bounty hunter jango fett. send out a squad of clone troopers to investigate the area.

  • maddie woods

    a girl who sucks too much d-ck so she has to go to the dentist to get her tooth fixed. stop being a maddie woods!!

  • thotdacity

    the nerve to be a thot and talk sh-t and take that sh-t personal this b-tch had the nerve the thotdacity and tell me that i’m nasty

  • hobo lunch box

    where one sh-ts in a paper bag, and offers it up as a tasty meal. often as a form of sh-tgilante justice. after waiting for 3 hours for an interview, dude gave the interviewer a hobo lunch box with corn sprinkles.

  • vladimirsky central

    a russian song about prison and north winds. a good example of russian prison folk music. originaly performed by blatnoy artist – mitchail krug. russians sing it while drinking vodka in company. vladimirsky central, veter severny.

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