liam hurley

a code-name for someone with h-m-s-xual tendencies but without them actually being h-m-s-xual
hey dude have you see that liam hurley over there……

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  • ashmahala

    an arabic persons -sshole – pr-nounced ‘ashamahallllala’ ‘wow that -n-l was so good last night my ashmahala is still aching x’

  • animal cookies

    inserting cookies or crackers into your -ss and having a dog or any other animal eat them out. i just had some animal cookies last night now im out of peanut b-tter.

  • spelman tuck

    the act of disguising male genitalia to gain entrance to spelman college, an all female hbcu (historically black college or university). i just got a new pair of spanx for fall semester so i could level up my spelman tuck.

  • the ultrasound

    the ultrasound: verb a s-xual act where you -j-c-l-t- on your woman’s stomach and spread it around with your p-n-s simulating an ultrasound technician. d-mn girl, marcus spread his nut on my belly and gave me the ultrasound.

  • holiday spirt

    when you almost bust a nut under the mistletoe and a little secretion comes out. wow, you just made me holiday spirt!

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