liberal magical thinking

liberal magical thinking: is thinking-(1) that when an illiberal-(2) thinks a thought-(3), any thought, then that thought is automatically considered logical-(4) and should be presented as truth-(5).

-(1) thinking: “head scratching and “hmm” noises, and is often followed by an “aha!”

-(2)illiberal: one who descends on a population to illegalize, demonize, and remove freedoms generally in the guise of safety or other concern.

-(3) thought: something that might get you into trouble if uttered aloud.

-(4) logical: reasoning in a clear and consistent manner.

-(5) truth: something which would probably upset a great many of people if it were known and made public.
liberal magical thinking: a united states representative in congress, nancy pelosi, once said, “we have to p-ss the bill so that you can find out what’s in it”; this is a perfect representation of liberal magical thinking lacking logic; the fact is that congress p-sses bills/laws after they know what’s in them, not before.

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