a pathetic mispr-nunciation of “library,” often said by those with a feeble grasp of english grammar and a tendency to say “pacific” instead of “specific” or “axed” instead of “asked.” the more ghetto you are, the more likely you are to use this.
what? i can’t hear you! i’m in the liberry tryin’ get some movies! (as overheard in a cell phone conversation in an area where cell phone usage is disallowed.)
how black people pr-nounce the word “library.”
– yo, i gots ta get me a book from da liberry.
– n-gg-, you can’t read!
a berry that lies
the lieberry told me he was gonig to dinner with a frog.
something idiots say.
hey let’s go to the liberry and not read books.
another term for bathroom, due to the fact that many people read while sitting on the pot
i was in the liberry when i heard the phone ring, but before i had time to “check out my books”, whoever called hung up!
ghetto backup software term for the word library
come on man! how come my magneto liberry offline?
library in jive lingo when spoken by a person with dark skin aka lime and berry pie
who wants to go to the liberry?!?!

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