one of the many, and most awesome, shortened version of the name “elizabeth”. used by cute short haired brunettes in reference to her best friend.
libith, you sing way to high. i hate you.

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  • pounding grape

    drinking copious amounts of wine “are we pounding grape tonight bella?”

  • pour it on

    to hit it hard. to stop kidding around and get serious. when a boxer goes in for the kill he’s “pouring it on”. to become very focused and effective. during a car chase, the pursuer might say: “let’s pour it on…!” or the pursued might say: “he’s really pouring it on…!”

  • pre-friday

    the day occurring before friday, also known as thursday. known as a subtle way to slip the word friday into an otherwise sucktastic day. 1: today’s pre-friday, can i get a woot woot?! 2: we still have school on friday, you know that right? a more optimistic name for thursday. popularized by dallas-fort worth kdfw […]

  • premature ewishulator

    celebrating a person’s birthday or wishing well early of the actual midnight date of the birthday in question. birthday person’s friend: happy birthday man! birthday person: thanks jack-ss, it’s only 9:30. other friend: what a premature ewishulator.

  • prendle

    the utter definition of fail. prendle in chatroom: sail: if you’re gonna use a cloner sail: thats how u do it sail: 😉

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