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  • quidler

    an individual who moves their hips in a circular motion while having s-x in the missionary position. it was difficult to stay with the rhythm of my man. he is a quidler and his constant movement was throwing me off my -rg-smic pace.

  • quid, me vexatibus?

    latin language words for “what, me worry?” i’m making $60k a year. car insurance—quid, me vexatibus?

  • slippery lip

    1: when someone breaks free of a lipping by excreting m-ssive amounts of steaming sweat from their glands and -n-s. 2: when you lip someone into a tub of lard, pool of water, shower, etc. “yo, phil was having a slippery lip so i dropped him on his head, and now he thinks he is […]

  • slimfinger

    a female in position of authority and/or knowledge, yet falls way short of such distinction. meat, i called that “slimfinger” running the moline tournament, and she knew nothing about the game times.

  • quidnunc

    an overly inquisitive person. a busy body. someone who loves to gossip. don’t be such a quidnunc! someone who wears meat. a quidnuncle is a relative of one who wears meat. on melmac, i once saw a quidnunc wear a fantastic pork chop dress.

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