Licorice Pizza

the name of a record store chain that was founded in california. it gets its name from an old abbott and costello routine where they try to sell records, unsuccessfully (saying “well we could sprinkle cornstarch on the bottom and sell them as licorice pizzas”). apparently it was awesome in the seventies, but was bought out by sam goodie in the eighties.
licorice pizza is an odd name for a record store, but it makes sense once you think about it.
a term for a vinyl 12″ ‘long playing’ or ‘lp’ record. named because it is black and about the same size as a pizza.
i have that song on an old 33-1/3 rpm licorice pizza
a vinyl lp record for a turntable or phonograph.
some of those old folk songs you love to listen to are only on the old licorice pizzas right now. you can’t get ’em on cd—yet.
name from remarks made in a comedy sketch on an alb-m by ’60s folk singers bud and travis. the entertainers mused about sprinkling their records with sesame seeds and selling them as licorice pizzas.

story in brief from the los angeles times, appril 23, 1986
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licorice pizza chain will be sold to american can unit
april 23, 1986|denise gellene | times staff writer
the entertainers mused about sprinkling their records with sesame seeds and selling them as licorice pizzas.

“jimmy thought that was funny and that it might make a good name for a store,” said ruth sims, senior vice president and general manager of licorice pizza.
a licorice pizza is a person’s -rs- hole
i dont mind licking the licorice pizza as long as i dont dig my tongue right into the sphinkter

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