in the context of the internet, a lifestream is a time-ordered stream of doc-ments/posts/comments/pictures/videos that will function as a diary of your electronic life.

every doc-ment you create, every photo or video you post and every comment, twitter or blog post you make is stored in your electronic lifestream – last ones shown first. your past is at the end of your lifestream.

some people even take it as far as to start off with a copy of their electronic birth certificate.
lifestream entries: 12 sep 20xx posted entry on blah example blog. 13 sep 20xx uploaded photo of my new cat ‘bert’ to blah example photo sharing site. 13 sep 20xx twittered “omg it is raining again”
this is where souls go after they leave the body. souls from humans, plants, and animals are included in this. after being in the lifestream, a soul will be reborn into another form.
ffvii’s form of “gaia”
known as the “cycle of souls” in ffix
the coolest room on imc!’s a little place where we can get together!

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