lifetime movies

like the channel; a place for battered women

the movies are the best, low-budget, d-list actors, real “teen” issues

the movies are kind of troma production like in their crude low-budget manners.

the movies have really bad plots that are easy to laugh at and make fun of.

such as; she’s too young- a whole junior high gets syphilis from giving’receiving oral

cyber seduction-a “typical” teen gets addicted to internet p-rn (the breaking point for the parents was not the thousands of dollars their son was spending on p-rn, but when he got kicked of the swim team because he was too busy masturbating.

you can rent these movies too, or just watch them on lifetime, because they are always on.
they are all instant cl-ssics
misandristic propaganda potboiler films aimed at teaching women that all men are abusive rapists.

the protagonist usually is a female who wishes to escape from her drunken husband or a young adult who is kidnapped and raped.

there are many different lifetime movies, but all have a the same plot.
person 1: would you like to watch a lifetime movie?
person 2: no, i have much better things to do.

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