cool; rich. everyone loves him.
person: wow! that guy is such a lijpegast on runekeep.

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  • quife eater`

    no this is not a good thing! a good thing would be a p-ssy eater. this is just another insult. bob: i hate you nick: shut the h-ll up you quife eater!

  • quifer

    quifer: a fart coming out of the v-g-n-. she quifed really loud.

  • evaluist

    one who defines their belief system based on research and logic why, i’m a non-denominational evaluist, what do you believe in?

  • gnerk

    a combination of three terms which include: geek, nerd, and dork. thy: do you have the lecture notes for biochem 411? theary: man, that gnerk in the front of cl-ss will have the notes to our lecture. he is the only one who goes. thy: oh yeah, erwin, right? theary: the h-ll if i know. […]

  • like pro quo

    to reciprocate ‘liking’ on facebook or a website: i’ll like yours if you like mine. john: “dude, if you “like” my status i’ll ‘like’ yours! its like pro quo.”

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