when you sell kush for a high price even tho it’s a low ammount
i need to hit a likh to buy a large pizza

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  • skeeny

    a word to describe a joint or a an object that contains tobacco and marjuana. reezy: “yo blud meet me at the corner shop for a fat skeeny” shxdow: “yeah fam gimme 5 mins”

  • d*nkle dwarf

    a man with a dwarf-like p-n-s 1. matthew was ready so he whipped out his d-nkle dwarf 2. matthew you are such a d-nkle dwarf

  • peanut basket

    it’s peanuts within a basket you disgusting f-ck. aye yo tony, you got them peanut baskets?

  • mckoy

    g-yy -ss b-tch who wants a guy named brady but always ruins it by starting sh-taka a h-rny -ss hoe a: “look at that wh-r-…she must be mckoy

  • to go toilet

    any receptical that can be used to capture human waste whilst on “the go” i gotta scrub out my car man, i hit the curb this morning on the way to work and spilled a to go toilet

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