a very beautiful flower, and coincidentaly the favorite flower to the most beautiful women in the world.
jamie loves lilacs. they smell almost as good as she does
a good person, amazing, beautiful, smart, pretty, and most commonly known and referred to as a bulldog.
me: do you see that lilac over there?
bob: yeah, it’s coming at us, run!
lilac: buhrururururruruh!
generally speaking, a real nancy, polly (prissy pants).
“i will keep dreaming! i will keep dreaming, my friend! and when i wake up, you better hope… you better hope you’re asleep! sweet dreams, lilac!” – ben stiller (mr. furious) – mystery men
to put sh-t on a v-g-n- while on her period then eat her out
i want you to lilac me you sick f-ck.

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