lilfizz is my baby i love him for how he is not because he got money it is because his looks.

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  • road-burned bratwurst

    when your d-ck is sweaty, and you get up real fast and it sticks to your thigh, causing painful friction dude 1: hey bro, wanna come outside and shoot some hoops? dude 2: nah man, i’ve got a serious road-burned bratwurst right now, can barely even walk

  • gelo

    a cute guy and really fun guy to be with girl 1 ” hey look at that guy, he’s cute” girl 2 “oh yeah that’s gelo” gelos is the minor greek god of laughter. first mentioned by roman writer apuleius, though not known if gelos was considered a real god or was simply an invention […]

  • gemm

    a beautiful , perfect girl from the ghetto grace miller – england that gemm is out lets all go see her

  • screaming whale

    when you walk up to a random person an main street and flick them in the ball sack and scream “whale!” and then sprint away. girl: dayumm he was hot! girls friend: go do the “screaming whale!” girl: ahh, yeah! perfect idea! -girl walks up to attractive male flicks him in the ball sack- girl: […]

  • lintastic

    the state of being filled or abundant with lint, as a dryer lint trap or one’s navel. other things could, conceivably, also attain the quality of being, literally or figuratively, “lintastic”. tai: ohhh! no-one ever cleans out the dorm dryers except me! person 2: it’s lintastic. tai: that it is.

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