Lillianna Alvarado

lily is short for lillianna alvarado. she is very cool in school, alot of people love her to pieces. she has a loving family,lily is the youngest of her older brother and sisters. her friends are very lucky to have her and…..if you ever happen to be her boyfriend, don’t ever let her go because if you do you will regret it. her bff’s will come after you. lily is very successful at everything, she is in band and is very good at it too. you’re lucky to know her. she is also very wild, crazy, clumsy and funny at everything if you’re really close to her. lily is a nice sweet and a beatiful girl if you ever meet her.
samantha – hey who is that girl, she is very pretty and i don’t think i have met her before.

mich-lle- oh her name is lillianna alvarado . omg everyone loves her and she is so freaking pretty. i talk to her every now and then and she seems pretty cool too.

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