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can you define it?

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  • ainhoa

    j-ponese name for a disease that only involves men. this is because of masturbating too much and the d-ck can’t keep working at it looses its power. you basically won’t be able to be s-xually h-rny again, or enjoy s-x as you used to. you will barely feel it. this man suffers from ainhoa

  • triptonight

    to take illegal drugs and trip at night. to trip while walking at night to go on a trip to another location at night. i took too much triptonight.

  • narded

    to be slapped in the t-st-cl-s. my buddy was being a tool so i narded him.

  • radwan

    h-m-s-xual man conceived from incest thats a radwan, but its okay.

  • zasni

    a handsome guy. he tends to do something most likely guys dont and loves to share stories with girls. he dance and he’s also a protective guy, esp to the girl he likes. girl a: he is so sweet and caring! girl b: he is a zasni

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