Line Piece Dependency

in tetris, this problem occurs when a single column remains open and the player needs a line piece to fill it. a psychological dependency also arises as the player prays to the tetris g-d for the piece.

this situation is most dangerous when the rest of the field is becoming stacked higher and the player needs the line peice before he/she can focus on the rest of the game. often, there is potential of acheiving tetris, hence the disinclination towards blocking the column and focusing on the increasing height of the rest of the blocks.

line peice dependency is normally a voluntary condition, but can lead to disaster if the g-d of tetris looks unfavourably upon you.
and on the 8th day, the tetris g-d granted a line piece to alleviate the player’s line piece dependency, and there was tetris, and it was good.

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