Ling Xiaoyu

she is a cute girl from tekken series. ling was a junior at mishima high school. she still lived, studied and trained as a ward of the mishima zaibatsu. but lacking any particular goals, ling grew tired of her everyday routines. however, one day, she received an anonymous e-mail that warned her of heihachi’s evil intentions and the danger to her life. ling replied to the e-mail, but she did not receive any further messages from the anonymous individual. ling’s intuition told her that jin, who had been missing since the last tournament, could have sent the message. she believed the message and started to suspect heihachi and the mishima zaibatsu. upon hearing the announcement of the next tournament, ling made the decision to enter — hoping to be reunited with jin and to unveil the truth behind heihachi and the mishima zaibatsu.
ling xiaoyu is a schoolgirl from the tekken games. she is as a result a fantastic martial artist, believe me she can kick some b-tt. however she is quite weak and so she can’t end a match quickly. but she does have taste when it comes to costumes so appearance is probably the best part of her. but don’t let her looks fool you.
ling xiaoyu is beating her opponent up, he is completely helpless.
a pedophillic asiaphile’s wet dream. she is a cute chinese girl from the tekken series, she is a red guard and high school student.

ling xiaoyu is a favorite character among pervert.
when you are playing tekken 4 and ling xiaoyu is wearing her cheongsam or school girl outfit, try to kick her in the air….you’ll know what i’m talking about ;-d

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