1. a domesticated canine pet.
2. a canine of any species.
if lini does not stop barking, i will seriously punk him out.
lini is a very sweet,pretty and loveable girl. will understand you and is a great listener, she will try and help you no matter what. she is a great friend and you would be honoured to have her as your friend. she is very loud and talkative.
you’re so lini!
lini, is a suffix like “ing”. developed on the streets of franklin square, making every word sound like it came off an italian restaurant menu. add it to your everyday vocab.
can also be said as “lino” “rini” and “relli”
“ay lets go get a cup of coffeelini”
“im down to go get a little bagelini at a&s”
“yea man, im hittin up glo-rini tonight”

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