a man who is coo with every one and is down for what ever. probably the most hardcore dude in the office.
good afternoon sir this is officer so and so and over there is the linkster .

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  • sean fisher

    a no good thief. that if given a chance will lie to you, inject heroin in front of you while saying he doesn’t use. never pays anyone back. steals from friends and family and blames it on someone else that you know hasn’t been around. has scar’s all over his face from picking after smoking […]

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    pr-nounced: (oo- ‘why’-yeh) a nigerian name from the benin/edo tribe meaning, “the love of wealth and prosperity.” can be either a female’s or male’s name. h-llo! my name is uwaye! pleasure to meet you.

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    borgania: a calming word for animals connifer:borgania adam borgania adam (dog) : * fall’s asleep * connifer:job done!

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    to tilt a beverage (usually alcoholic) completely upside in order to finish it i’ll go vertical on this beer so we can head to the next bar

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