lip stank

oral herpes
“we should smoke with him”
“i dunno… does he have the lip stank?”

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  • lipspider

    when an old woman wears bright red lipstick that bleeds outside the lines of her lips onto her wrinkles, thereby creating the appearance of a squished spider. my grandmother wore her lipspider to thanksgiving last year and i couldn’t keep anything down.

  • harpy wh*r* from h*ll

    a term used for any ex wife, girlfriend, or other female personage that draw you into their fairytale world by appealing to your deepest hopes and desires. they then proceeds to rip out your heart, taking your hopes, dreams and desires with a dose of spite added to a vile base of vindictiveness to create […]

  • lips of an angel

    a horrible “rock” song, by the band hinder. the talents to sing this song are absent, if not…very minimal. the vocals are similar to a 62 year old man in a retirement home with lung cancer. played, enjoyed, and listened to every night at the bar by fat losers who dropped out of a community […]

  • stretch nozzle

    usually a young man of jewish orgin, who’s nose is so large that he can stretch it over another mans soup can c-ck. typically enjoys -sswhiffing and masterbating profuseley. wow there goes brent, the stretch nozzle. look he’s at it again, sniffing and rubbing himself after beating off and not showering for 3 days!

  • lip splinter

    the small pieces of skin that lift up off of severely chapped lips… i shouldn’t have pulled off that lip splinter. i have lip splinters, i really need some chapstick!

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