a word that represents someone who loves there lips soooo much that they out 50 layers of lipstick on them a day
kelly is such a lipsterp

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  • chrode

    the cross between a man named christopher and a guy with a chode p-n-s girl a: tell me about christopher last night girl b: let’s just say his new name is chrode

  • unforgettabooty

    when a lower part of a woman is so fine, the actual ability to forget it is absent. john:” i really love my girlfriend but i just can’t forget rachel” andrew:”no one can forget her she has a unforgettabooty” john:”d-mn right “

  • cameats

    a trend of someeone going on snapchat and taking a video of them eating food or taking a picture of food and putting #cameats as the caption -puts down chick-fil-a sauce on chicken wrap and starts eating it #cameats

  • gym king

    the brand every 14 year old virgin who wants to look like a gym lad wears. oi larry, look at that c-nt wearing gym king.

  • mamsplaining

    m’amsplaining when a feminist or social justice warrior explains how a white man (or anyone) should act according to progressive rules. domique was mamsplaining to doug that his being a white male meant that he could not offer advise in any situation and was in fact worse than hitler.

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