Lisa Trevor

a character in the nintendo gamecube renake of resident evil 1. she was the daughter of the architect who designed spencer mansion, george trevor. in 1967, at the age of fourteen, she and her mother jessica were invited to stay overnight at the mansion and were kidnapped by the umbrella co. and used as viral test subjects. soon after, lisa mutated into a senseless monster and ripped her mother’s face off after she killed her and wore it on her back. in 1988 umbrella reseacher william birkin extracted the g-virus from her body. ten years later, members of the s.t.a.r.s. team investigated the spencer mansion. they often confronted her as she wandered around the mansion, looking for her dead mother. during the third confrontation, she is at the altar her mother is entombed in and attacks jill and barry. after they open her mother’s coffin, she holds her mother’s skull. walks toward the edge, screams mother!, and jumps off into a pit, killing herself. she is a tragic victim to the umbrella corporation.
lisa trevor would rip women’s faces off in pursuit of her mother.

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