1. lisztomania is a 1975 film by ken russell, drawn from a biography of franz liszt (world famous hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist and teacher.)

2. song by phoenix released in february 2009 from the wolfgang amadeus phoenix alb-m.

the alb-m’s first single is “lisztomania”. the term “lisztomania” was coined by the german romantic literary figure heinrich heine to describe the m-ssive public response to franz liszt’s virtuosic piano performances. there were allegedly screaming women at these performances, and the audience was sometimes limited to standing room only.
“it was lisztomania yesterday at that concert”
a song by the french alternative/indie rock band phoenix, which peaked at #11 in us rock songs(billboard). it has 2 or 3 remixes, and it refers to franz liszt and the fan frenzy that occured at his shows.
line from song-
“lisztomania- so hard to see it grow,
like a riot, like a riot, oh,
discuss, discuss, discuss, discourage”

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