Little Britain

a tv show which is basically the league of gentlemen spread out over the rest of britian. zany and dark in part, but hilarious in every way, like the league- most characters are played by the smae two actors. a must see.
little britian is almost as good as the league.

“yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but.” (if you’ve seen it you’ll know!)
a great show. i do really like it but there is a bad point, one i don’t think matt lucas thought about. the endless quotes. if i heard one more “yeah, but no, but” or “ano” or “dust, dust anyone” i may just have to rip there f-ck-ng heads off and destroy them!
simon (train boy): you see little britain last night?”
nick: “yeah”
simon (train freak): it was the best yet… yeah but no but yeah but..” -smack-
hilarious show from the uk
most characters are played by the same two people
and all the characters say just about the same thing in every sketch
but it’s funny still
i’m from america and i little britain

andy: -sitting in tree-
lou: andy, how did you get up there?
andy: i fell.

social worker: all i want to know vicky is where is your baby?
vicky pollard: oh, i swapped it for a westlife cd.
social worker: oh my g-d, how could you.
vicky pollard: i know, they’re rubbish.
one of the best british comedy programmes ever, a must see.. well in truth..only if you have never seen it before, because it can get very repetative, and no, you will never understand the brit h-m-ur, so yanks give it a miss!
some guy trying to be vikki pollard: “yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but..
some other guy “f-cking sh-t up, dip sh-t! -smack!-

if you have ever seen it you will understand, why people find it so repetative and how come being now find it unfunny,..
a british comedy written and directed by comedians matt lucas and david walliams.
in truth, a hit and miss comedy which relies on the same catch-phrases in different scenarios. weak humoured, really.
“yer but no but”

“anyone? no.. dussst.”
too funny!
friend #1 – little britain is too funny!
friend #2 – yeah i know!
a lake in cowley which is the shape of great britain. i knew of that and was familiar with that long before this annoying tv series so thats my definition of ‘little britain’ a lake in cowley near quackers pub/restaurant
theres only one lake, cant really give an example yeah but no but i cant

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