little ding dong

small d-ck
he has a little ding dong

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  • b*ttercuff

    when you fart into your hand and hold your hand that has the raunchy fart in onto somebody’s mouth and nose. hey, ryan, watch me b-ttercuff the kid in front of me when we get on the school bus.

  • unums*xual

    through every -sshole on the planet you fall for one person and you want nothing more than to spend a millennium with them cuddling (or smashing whatever works for you) f-ck every one im going unums-xual

  • naisal s*x

    the action of which a d-ck is “inserted” in to a female’s nose bro i just got naisal s-x from hannah backer dog she dead wot

  • gackadoodledoo

    too be super tweaked out he was gackadoodledoo

  • c*mbobsquarepants

    after jerking off you wipe up the c-m with a sponge. let the sponge harden. after it hardens, during s-x you slap your partner in the face with the hardened c-mbob. spongebob: last night showed sandy why they call me c-mbobsquarepants

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